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The Q lets you easily create, follow and share the events you care about.

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Go to the local events you care about, instead of the big touristy stuff.

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Let people know when you'll be on Facebook live
Share children's events with friends & family
Send your work schedule to friends so they can come visit
Let your entire softball team know if the field is clear to play
Share your rehearsal schedule and theater performances
Organize hangouts with colleagues at a conference
Know when your favorite local comedian is performing
Let the whole family know when & where the next little league game is happening
Plan watch parties for the next season of Game of Thrones
Catch a concert by some amazing local bands
Find out what time the next yoga class begins
Coordinate times for family game night
Arrange meet ups to finally start building that idea you've been sitting on
Share locations and times for playing pond hockey
Keep track of friend's birthdays
Quickly access your list of never ending work meetings
Create a list of the best spots in Chicago for your friends in from out of town
Know when festivals are happening in different Chicago neighborhoods
Finally know about Taco Fest before it has passed
Know who is playing on which stage at Lollapalooza
Setup your PTA meetings at the school
Create a travel schedule that includes flight times and hotels
Plan a bachelor/bachelorette party
Let every one know where they need to be for everything wedding related
See what movies are playing at Millennium Park
Follow along with Shakespeare in the Park performances this summer
Know when karaoke night is happening at the bar down the street
Keep track of trivia nights at Navigator Taproom
Coordinate a bar crawl for St Patrick's Day
Find out what channel the Cubs game is on
See where Arthur Murray is holding their next dance competition
Follow a list of upcoming 5ks throughout Chicago
Find the next Frat Bags tournament
See when the next episode of Impractical Jokers is airing
Follow the day's races at Arlington Park
Know when your son has his next math test
Have a voice in your community by attending a town hall meeting
Plan a rotating poker night with friends
Organize your church's youth group activities
Know about grandma's next dialysis appointment
See what team you're bowling against this week

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a reminder function?

There is not at this time because everything runs through a web browser. When we turn it into an App Store app, then yes.

Is there a calendar view?

When you're looking at an event, you can choose to "view all" and see all of the events listed in that Q.

Can I find out which events are happening near me?

Building search functionality is the next highest priority on our list.

Will I get notified when new events are added?

Not at this time. This is another piece of functionality that will be built into the App Store app.

Do I need to follow each event separately, or can I combine them?

For now, you'll need to follow each Q separately. Group them into folders for easy sorting. You'll be able to combine with the App Store app.

I seriously can't search events?

Whoooa, easy there, tiger! We're working on it. Of course you'll be able to search, we just need a little more time to build this in.

Do Qs update automatically?

The creator of the Q is responsible for updating it. So if you're following a Q, yes, it will update automatically.

Can I buy tickets through the Q?

If an event requires you to purchase tickets, there will be a link in the event description to purchase those tickets.

How do I know if a Q is legit?

We do have a verification system in place to help you understand which Qs are created by the person/company behind the events.

Get Early Access

Coming October 2018

The Q is currently in a closed beta. This means 2 things. First, we're only giving a handful of people early access to start creating Qs. Second, you are ahead of the curve if you already know about the Q. Congrats on being cool!